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Uma interessante publicação de 2015...

MY LIFE WITH WAGNER by Christian Thielemann 
Wagner is venerated and reviled. How do we deal with his notorious anti-Semitism and his savagery of Mendelssohn’s music?  Whenever something went wrong he would blame the Jews. But can Wagner be blamed for the fact thatRieziand Lohengrin were Hitler’s favourite operas and that the music from The Mastersingers was played at the Nazi rallies in Nuremberg. 
Diz-nos Thielemann:
“I can’t hold Wagner musically responsible for the misuse of his works by the Nazis,”
Também nos diz outras coisas mais polémicas..., como refere a nota do site da AMAZON.
«...the German conductor, who thinks only German speakers with a native-level understanding should perform Wagner.»
Mas enfim, nos gostamos de polémicas. 

Notas em inglês retiradas do site da AMAZON.

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