quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2016

you know i can take whatever i want..

                               He is a wounded angel... a fallen one. It´s pure mythology.

Yes, it was unexpected...

Tudo o que sei é que na altura isto foi tão inesperado...
Mais: eu já gostava do filme sem esta parte. Com este «desenvolvimento» fiquei apanhada pela história do patife com a princesa.
Naturalmente falamos de The Empire Strikes Back, essa obra-prima.
Mas... em Star Wars, elas gostam é dos patifes. Por isso preparem-se, parada está alta com a dupla Rey e Ren.

terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2016

Big secret...

I quote:

Basically, I think the big reveal will be the truth about Luke’s Jedi Academy, and Rey’s true identity (see: she’s not a Skywalker, like everyone believes. LE GASP!) I mean, Rey even says it (when talking to BB-8):
“Classified. Really? Me too. Big secret.”
That right there, folks? That’s a clue, delivered with the force of a sledgehammer. You’re welcome. Que grande blogue este...http://ohtze.tumblr.com/

I believe there has to be a true redemption story here... the first one in Star Wars. And Kylo is such a mess... he will probably find redemption and die. He'll be unique.

I believe there has to be a true redemption story here... the first one in Star Wars, and it will go out in episodes VIII and IX.

And it's related to the idea of being capable to use both sides of the Force (KOTOR, again...?).
I belive that's the true awakening... it's happening with Kylo, and it will happen with Rey. And, probably, it happened with Luke...

It is too late for Kylo just to be a hero, because he has killed his own father... but he can realy be redeemed. He's going to find out that there is no such thing as absolute good or pure evil, in fact there is a grey area where things become real. 

That's why he didn't kill Rey. He wants to teach her, and he needs her ! She's equal and the only one that can understand this, like him. She will save her in the futur.

I quote Jack Carr:

«Kylo Ren and Rey are two sides of the same coin, which makes it almost inevitable that at some point in the future - even if not until Episode IX - they will find themselves fighting as allies.» 

And the enemies, the truth villains are Hux and Snoke and all the gang of the First Order.

Wait and see...

domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2016

Death and the maiden...

Não há sequer comentários a fazer, as evidências falam por si...


Kylo can't make it... Rey does it ( The Force Awakens), like Luke before her (The Empire Strikes Back), and in the same way.
The sword from the stone, the lightsaber from the snow...
Is Rey King ? Rey means King... It really looks like she's the Chosen One.