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Wagner no Cinema: Magic Fire (1955), de William Dieterle

Eis quatro belos cartazes para o filme Magic Fire....

Eis parte do cast:
Peter Cushing ... Otto Wesendonck 
Frederick Valk ... Minister von Moll
Gerhard Riedmann ... King Ludwig II 
Erik Schumann ... Hans von Bülow

Diz-nos o artigo da Wikipedia: 

«Directed by William Dieterle, the film made extensive use of Wagner's actual music, which was arranged by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. Dieterle worked with Korngold on several Warner Bros. films, including A Midsummer Night's Dream and Juarez. It was one of the final films Republic made in the two-strip color process known as Trucolor.
Although many details about Wagner's life were accurately portrayed, the film often distorted some facts, apparently for dramatic purposes. One high point was the accurate depiction of the riot at the Paris Opera House for the premiere of the revised version of Tannhäuser. The film depicted King Ludwig II's patronage of Wagner, without going into much detail about the king's controversial personality.
The film used a very large cast, opulent sets, and lavish costumes. Since Republic was known primarily for westerns and adventure serials, Magic Fire was one of the rare "prestige" films to be produced by studio chief Herbert Yates. Nevertheless, critical response was mixed and box office receipts in the U.S. were disappointing.»

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