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Elsa Von Brabant, figura impressionante de Lohengrin

Eis um belo artigo sobre a figura de Elsa Von Brabant, da ópera Lohengrin.

Elsa’s Reason

On Beliefs and Motives in Richard Wagner’s Lohengrin


(University College London / ELSE)     «Once Wagner’s most popular opera, Lohengrin has suffered scholarly neglect in the postwar

period. This essay reengages with the work from the novel perspective of game theory

analysis. Centering on Elsa’s breach of the Frageverbot, it offers a rigorous epistemological

study of the opera’s main characters. Against traditional interpretations of the heroine’s fatal

decision, we propose a complex and psychologically more satisfactory account. Elsa asks the

forbidden question because she needs to confirm Lohengrin’s belief in her innocence, a belief

that Ortrud successfully eroded in Act II. This novel interpretation reveals Elsa as a rational

individual, upgrades the dramatic significance of the Act I combat scene, and signals a

hermeneutic return to the heart of opera criticism, the drama itself....»   Continuem a leitura em:

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