domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

Wagner & Verdi

 Um novo livro Wagner/Verdi: 1813 - Wagner & Verdi

 Partilho uma notícia excelente do blog The Wagnerian.

Acrescento um excerto da notícia: « This beautiful book has been published to mark the bicentenary of the births of Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi whose operas continue to enrich the lives of opera lovers everywhere. They were born at a time when Europe was convulsed by the Napoleonic wars, and when the nation states of Germany and Italy did not yet exist. Each became a master of musical-dramatic forms and transformed the way music was composed for the theatre. Their influence extended well beyond the stage.»

Imagens do livro:

Aqui fica mais uma vez o link de The Wagnerian.

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